Online doctor consultation and pediatric care | Your kids doctor in case of emergency or otherwise.

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Online Pediatric Care for your Child at DoctorAlways

DoctorAlways is a pediatrician manned 911 relieving children sickness at home. A video consulting that removes uncertainties of self-medication and home remedies and empowers caregiving by parents, keeping them calm and letting children be children. Get online pediatric care within 20 seconds when you find your child to be not feeling well and let DoctorAlways endow you with the joy of being a parent.

Reaching out to young kids before they are brought to a pediatrician or at the hospital is crucial in some cases, and this we realise, is only possible through technology - a simple app with video call facility for pediatric care online. DoctorAlways helps you to access online pediatric care using your Android Mobile or from your computer. So simple to operate that even a nanny can make the call, whenever required. Be it an emergency, an appointment or any health-related concern, choose the right platform to address all your healthcare issues instantly.

The video call is most helpful for the pediatrician to assess the situation better as a child in pain might not be able to convey his discomfort and the parents in anxiousness may miss many some vital details. A 24X7 online pediatric care service with 8 pediatricians available to assist always - an ode to parent’s wish of their child’s health and happiness always, and the child’s grit to be never down ever.

Plans & Offers

Single Consultation

Not ready to signup for a subscription plan? No problem. Try one time consultation. You will still save 12%

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Essential Pack

A pack of 4 video and 2 audio calls that allow you to connect to a pediatrician during emergency situations. Effective savings 15%

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Standard Pack

6 video and 2 audio calls that will not let you run out of credits and cause you panic during your child’s bawling bouts. Save 20%

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Plus Pack

Call your child’s doctor at any time of the night or day, from your office or home with this pack of 7 video and 3 audio calls. Save 25%

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Premium Pack

8 video and 4 audio calls at the price of 8; DoctorAlways Premium pack for easy access to our experts for your children. Your savings 28%

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Special Pack

Specially designed pack for consultation with Psychologist, a Lactation or a Nutrition expert. Please purchase and use independent of others

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When you signup with us, you get 0 free audio call(s) and 1 free video/audio call(s) with 10 minutes in duration .