Pricing - Online Pediatric Care Packages

Child Health Checkup and Child Care Package and Pricing at DoctorAlways

Single Consultation

Not ready to signup for a subscription plan? No problem. Try one time consultation. You will still save 12%

0 Audio Call
1 Video/Audio Call
350 ₹ 400

In case of any medical emergency, call us any time from anywhere. Qualified and experienced pediatricians will help you instantly. This will also help experience immediate resolution of your concerns.

Each call is 12 minutes extendable by 2 minutes.

Essential Pack

A pack of 4 video and 2 audio calls that allow you to connect to a pediatrician during emergency situations. Effective savings 15%

2 Audio Call
4 Video/Audio Call
2040 ₹ 2340

New-born or growing toddler, you need this pack for those nights when you just can't soothe your precious one. This pack credits you with audio and video calls to our medical experts at any time of day and night, from across the country.

Each call is 12 minutes extendable by 2 minutes.

Standard Pack

6 video and 2 audio calls that will not let you run out of credits and cause you panic during your child’s bawling bouts. Save 20%

2 Audio Call
6 Video/Audio Call
2600 ₹ 3000

It’s not your fault if you cannot understand why your baby won’t stop crying. Sometimes, the expert needs expert guidance too. The Standard Pack allows you to contact our medical experts for your children’s health.

Each call is 12 minutes extendable by 3 minutes.

Plus Pack

Call your child’s doctor at any time of the night or day, from your office or home with this pack of 7 video and 3 audio calls. Save 25%

3 Audio Call
7 Video/Audio Call
3100 ₹ 3600

If you’re looking to ensure your employees’ welfare, gift new parents a DoctorAlways pack of call credits that allows them to consult with medical experts face to face virtually, at their time and place of convenience.

Each call is 15 minutes extendable by 3 minutes.

Premium Pack

8 video and 4 audio calls at the price of 8; DoctorAlways Premium pack for easy access to our experts for your children. Your savings 28%

4 Audio Call
8 Video/Audio Call
3600 ₹ 4200

The ultimate luxury for a parent is to know that their child is safe, always. With Premium Pack, you can have the flexibility of calling a pediatrician at any time of day and night. Try it, and be a stress-free parent.

Each call is 15 minutes extendable by 5 minutes.

Special Pack

Specially designed pack for consultation with Psychologist, a Lactation or a Nutrition expert. Please purchase and use independent of others

0 Audio Call
1 Video/Audio Call

Psychologist: Anger management, temper tantrum, hyperactive child, scholastic issues. Lactation expert: Breast feeding related issues. Nutrition expert: Underweight/Overweight conditions. Special Diets for related conditions.

Each call is 25 minutes extendable by 5 minutes.

When you signup with us, you get 0 free audio call(s) and 1 free video/audio call(s) with 10 minutes in duration .